Strategy Sessions

Are you a new boss hoping to jumpstart your leadership skills?

Looking for quick support to answer specific questions?

Tried business coaching before and wary of investing in expensive packages before you see results or feel a connection?

Let's schedule a strategy session!

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Quick + Easy

These sessions are quick and easy to schedule and will get you results ASAP. I promise you'll gain at least one helpful tip or tool that you can start using to improve your leadership skills right away... or you can ask for a full refund!



I know you have a lot on your plate and want to make the most of this time, so I'll have you complete a questionnaire ahead of time and share your goals for meeting with me. This will help keep us on track and save time on my asking you questions about your business. 

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Practical + Fun

I have two very important principles I live by as a professional:

  1. Meetings should be practical and result in real action steps.
  2. I want to infuse a little fun into everything I do.

No, I'm not a comedian and we won't be goofing off but I do want to keep the focus of our time on how you can enjoy being an excellent leader, despite any negative feelings you may have right now.


This is the best way to get started uncovering your leadership skills is to book an initial Strategy Session. We'll spend 90 minutes together focused on creating an action plan so you can see results ASAP.

And if you'd like to work with me ongoing, this is where we start.

Meaningful Change

Don't wait on making a change that can dramatically impact your business through increased revenue and engagement, decreased turnover, better customer satisfaction, and more. 

Yes, excellent leadership really is that important for every business. 

Use the scheduler below to set up your one time strategy session today!