Increase productivity
through Positive Psychology

Are you looking to motivate your employees or group? Want to invest in a speaker who will provide entertainment and produce real, actionable results?

Dr. Maelisa Hall speaks to groups both small and large about the power of using positivity to improve performance at work. We all know morale is important but it's often difficult to put an ROI on positive attitudes. Dr. Hall presents the research on this very topic in a friendly and engaging way, so your managers and employees alike are empowered to take action and create change for themselves-the only way to make it stick. 

While corporate values and culture are important contributors to employee morale, any good manager knows they're not the only piece of the puzzle.

Individual employees and managers can have a dramatic impact on a team, both negatively and positively. Furthermore, one "bad apple" really can spoil the whole bunch, especially if that person is a manager or other person of influence. 

Once you've noticed this it's often too late to take pre-emptive measures. This kind of problem requires something more- a disruption in the day to day, and often, an outsider who can promote change objectively and without any built-up resentment. 

You can take action today.

Create a team of empowered employees who take ownership of their attitude and the corporation's success.

Create managers who encourage ingenuity and know how to bring about the best in their direct reports. 

Create a company culture that embraces change and supports teamwork while valuing the individual strengths of each employee.