Do you resent getting up to go into work every day?

Struggling to find the professional support you need?

Wondering if maybe you're not cut out to be a manager after all? 


I'm Dr. Maelisa Hall and I want you to love what you do for work every day!

Trust me, it's possible. 


Whether you're a small business owner or a corporate employee, one of the most stressful (and rewarding) tasks is managing other people. That's where I come in. We can work together and tackle some of these common problems:

manage employees


Reconnect with your team and keep them motivated. Create boundaries that get you promoted. Communicate effectively with others. Once you love your work again you'll make a greater impact. Let's get you there. Take the quiz below to find out what type of a manager you are as your first step to improvement and fulfillment.

manage work stress


Identify those things that are causing that uneasy feeling during your work day. Figure out what makes you truly light up and will also make your every day work easy. You can be excited to wake up and head to work every day but that requires knowing your strengths, weaknesses and how they fit into your overall goals.

manage adhd


Overcome the difficulties you experience that are making it difficult to balance work and other responsibilities. Learn how to manage your time and structure your day for success. Figure out whether or not to use accommodations at work, whether or not to share that information with your boss, and how you can do so discreetly.