Very few passion-driven business owners have training in how to be a good supervisor.

We think it will come naturally or be something easy to acquire along the way.

Or we put off hiring until we’re in a position of desperation and have little time to invest in learning management strategy.

Unfortunately that puts you in a situation of waiting for the you know what to hit the fan. All of a sudden, an employee is unhappy. A contractor hasn’t returned their work. Or they turned it in and it is nothing like what you imagined (or needed). You’re scrambling to find HR information online and having employees is taking up more of your time rather than saving you time.

You’re feeling drained and annoyed that your passion project has turned into a managing people project.

We all have those things quote.png

Find more time for what you love to do in your business + learn the skills to be an effective leader. 

Yes, managing people is one of the most stressful things for most business owners. But it doesn’t have to be.

>> Even though you may have no experience managing others, you can become a teamwork aficionado.

>> Even if you’d prefer to spend time on your creative endeavors, you can have a schedule that makes you excited to check in with your virtual assistant.

>> Even if you’ve already made some mistakes there is time to correct that experience.

Get started now. Take the quiz below to find out what type of a leader you are as your first step to improvement and fulfillment in your leadership role.

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