Get Fulfillment at Work

It's so easy to feel inspired and motivated when you begin a job but not always easy to maintain those feelings once the honeymoon period wears off. This could be due to misconceptions about what the position includes, unrealistic expectations from yourself or your boss, or not being prepared for what the position requires. 

Regardless of the reason, being unhappy at work impacts every area of your life.

And once resentment or negative patterns have set in, you become hypersensitive to even the more expected, typical annoyances of any job. 

I'm Dr. Maelisa Hall and I'm ready to help you break that pattern.

I use personalized strategies for helping my clients to overcome these common problems with work:

  • Feelings of negativity that create unhappiness just walking into the office

  • Over-working and struggling to find time for your personal life

  • Difficulty managing and motivating employees

  • Frustration identifying your long-term career goals

  • Trouble determining the next step

  • Seeking verification of strengths and weaknesses AND how that applies to work, specifically

  • Feeling uneasy about making big decisions regarding career changes

  • Figuring out how to accommodate your learning or psychological disability without needing to alert your employer

My ten years of experience providing assessment, counseling and working as a corporate manager (and business owner), all provide me with a unique perspective that allows me to hone in on your needs quickly. I conduct an in-depth assessment at the beginning so we won't waste any time before identifying the clear goals you want to achieve. Then we dive right in and tackle those goals head on. 

This is therapy that's personalized to your needs.

We work as a team and laser focus on what is negatively impacting you at work or keeping you from meeting your potential for happiness. Since I'm a psychologist with a specialization in assessment, I'm trained to identify many things that may be impacting you but of which you may not be aware. 

That gives us both an edge ;)

counseling for work stress

One of the weaknesses with traditional therapy is the tendency to stick with structured weekly sessions and avoid contact outside of that.

And then you're not able to receive feedback when it can be most impactful- in the moment. That's why I make sure we have a way to connect throughout the week. You're never left to fend for yourself. You're investing in support to see improvement quickly, so why wait for a scheduled appointment when it's something we can tackle now?

Our work together won't take months or years. Most clients are able to see results in 4-6 weeks and then determine if they need further support later on. I also offer single, one time sessions for short-term solutions you can use today or check-ins later on if we've worked together in the past. 

And because you're busy, we make this convenient.

We can do our sessions in person, via phone or through online video conferencing. 

Maybe you're still wondering whether or not this would be a good fit. I totally get it- this is a commitment and you want to make sure you're ready. I want that, too.

You can sign up for a free 20 minute phone call to see if working with me is right for you. 

One of my own business strategies is to stay within my strengths, so if either of us don't think we'll be a great fit I will gladly help you find someone better suited to help with your needs. No need to worry about hard feelings, because I know plenty of great therapists who have other strengths to help with your specific situation and I'm happy to provide the connection. 

Either way, there's no need to wait.