Fees and Insurance

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Counseling Session Fees

My fee for counseling includes more than your scheduled session. I provide you with a written summary of our sessions, recommendations and further resources, and encourage you to follow up with me throughout the week. You are able to reach out via the online client portal any time during the week and I even encourage you to text or call with quick questions, rather than wait until our next session. You will also receive access to an online client journal that you can use privately or choose to share with me. 

The fee for ongoing counseling is $200 per session and I encourage an eight week commitment of meeting every other week. 


Text Therapy Fees

I offer "text" therapy as an option for clients who prefer to use messaging rather than phone or in person counseling sessions. This can be a great way to receive ongoing support without the hassle of scheduling. 

I offer two payment options for text therapy:

  1. Online messaging throughout the week for $200/month.
  2. Online messaging throughout the week + one 45 minute video session for $400/month.
hall counseling text therapy
hall counseling assessment

Assessment/Evaluation Fees

I provide two types of assessments for adults:

The cost for each assessment is $400 and includes testing, reports, and a follow up session via phone. Click on the type of assessment to learn more and see if this may be helpful for you.


Insurance Accepted

I accept direct referrals only from ComPsych and ACI Specialty Benefits. These are usually EAP referrals, which means that your company has contracted to provide you a specific number of free counseling sessions if you're dealing with an issue that may impact your well-being at work.

Clients are typically approved for 3-5 "assessment" sessions that are intended to work on the problem short-term. If you need further counseling, I make a recommendation to the EAP and they will refer you to therapists within your insurance network. The best way to see if you qualify is to call your HR department and ask about EAP benefits or, if you have the number already, call the EAP to inquire. You may let them know you're interested in meeting with me specifically so they can send me your referral information. 

Discounted Sessions for Financial Need

I also volunteer two hours per week to discounted sessions through an online app called Maven. I encourage all women to check out this app, since it offers a free forum and discounted sessions with many types of providers such as mental health therapists, nurse practitioners, midwives, OB-GYN's, nutritionists and more. Click here to check out Maven