Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering which coaching option is best for you (and how much it costs)? Check out the answers below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions not answered here. 


What exactly is coaching?

This is such a great (and complex) question! And you will hear different explanations thrown around. Some great, some not so great. In a nutshell, coaching is focused on identifying your strengths and weaknesses, increasing your skills and motivation so you meet specific goals and on providing practical tools that you can apply to areas of struggle. As a psychologist and a former corporate employee, I have training in behavior management and psychotherapy, as well as coaching. I use all of this experience to provide coaching that is focused on you and meeting your goals.


Am I a good fit for coaching?

If you are struggling with being a supervisor, entrepreneur, manager or generally having difficulty managing others, coaching can be very effective for building up skills that will improve your career.

The key to any service like coaching is that it requires your commitment to the process more than anything. If you are willing to do the work, which includes communicating with me if you feel like things aren’t going well, then you will likely see immense progress. 


What are your fees for coaching?

Strategy Sessions: $350

Includes one 90 minute coaching session + one month of email follow up + applicable resources

1-1 Leadership Coaching Program: $1,800 or $700/mo for 3 months

Includes six 90 minute coaching sessions  + ongoing email/text support + applicable resources

Boss in a Weekend: $2,000

Includes two days (9 hours) of intensive coaching + one month of email follow up + one phone follow up session + applicable resources


Do you only work with new business owners or entrepreneurs?

Nope, I am happy to work with those who have owned a business for many years but are just starting to build their team, as well as established business owners who know they have never received adequate training in management and are looking to gain these skills.


Do you work with corporate managers?

Yes, I am happy to work with corporate managers who are interested in improving their management skills. However, I do require that you sign up for a Strategy Session prior to committing to the longer 1-1 Leadership Coaching Program. This ensures I am the best fit for your needs and that we will be able to attain goals within the confines of your corporation's parameters.


What is the best way to start working with you?

If you're unsure about which coaching service will best suit your needs, sign up for a 90 minute Strategy Session first. In this session, I'll get to know your business and your goals. We'll identify some actions steps you can take right away and evaluate how to keep you moving forward long-term. If a longer or more intensive coaching program seems like a good fit after that, we can decide then. 


Do you take insurance?

No, coaching is not covered through health insurance plans.

If you are currently working as a manager with an organization, they may be open to paying for coaching. Make sure you have clear goals identified and discuss this with your supervisor and Human Resources prior to committing to coaching.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, you are likely able to deduct any coaching expenses as a business expense. Please discuss with your accountant if you have any questions.


I'm more interested in other types of coaching or in therapy. Can we still work together? 

Thanks for your interest! I recommend you contact me so we can talk about your goals and see if I’m the best fit for you. I’ll be honest and if I think someone else can better help you, I’ve got plenty of awesome colleagues in mind for referrals.