Counseling When It's Convenient

With all the amazing technology at our fingertips, there's no reason that counseling should be inconvenient. Driving through traffic, figuring out how to arrange schedules and locating a therapist who is in close proximity can actually make counseling stressful. 

However, you can choose to find the therapist that you connect with, even if they are miles away!

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What is Online Counseling?

I offer a few different options for in person or online counseling:

  • In person sessions with video sessions as needed

  • Video sessions with text messaging as needed

  • Text message therapy alone

I believe that counseling should be both convenient and effective, meeting your needs where you are. That means you're able to send messages when you need support or have a success you want to share in the moment

Online counseling is usually done via secure video (not Skype or FaceTime). It's really easy because you simply log in to your client portal to access everything... read notes from our sessions, pay your bill, or log in to your video appointment. No need to download extra software.

What is Text Message Therapy? 

"Text therapy" is a secure way to message your counselor throughout the week. No, it's not through your regular iMessage or smart phone. You can log in to your secure portal any time and share a quick thought or write a more detailed message to your therapist. 

In reality, it should probably be called email therapy, but text therapy is the more common term.

I offer text therapy as a supplement to all clients who receive in person and video sessions in order to facilitate communication throughout the week.

I also offer text therapy as a stand alone service for clients who prefer as needed communication to work on specific issues, but want to know they have me in their back pocket any time.  

We decide together how often messaging will occur. It may be as often as five days per week or just a few times a month. It all depends on what your goals are, your need at various times and your availability. 

Text therapy is also a great resource if you'd like to test drive counseling with me or if you have limited funds. Text therapy clients are always welcome to schedule video sessions as needed, since you may want to connect on a different level every once in a while.

Note: Text therapy as a solo service is only available to clients after a free 20 minute consultation to determine if it's a good fit. Text therapy is not appropriate for some clients and situations. 

If you want to read more about your rights as a consumer and online counseling guidelines for psychologists in California, click here