"I don't know what to do"

Are you stuck in a job you no longer enjoy but need in order to pay the bills?

Do you feel like you’re meant to do great things but not sure how that fits into a 9-5 job?

Career counseling can help you find the solutions you’re looking for.

Imagine waking up each day excited to go to work. Imagine being in a career that actually energizes you so you feel better after leaving the office.

Career counseling combines testing, interviews, interest surveys and a personalized assessment to provide you with career path you can get excited about.

Creative Problem-Solving

This is where my ADHD becomes an asset in our work together... because I can think outside the box and offer you a brand new perspective. 

Career testing doesn't tell you exactly what you should do, it provides some guidance and suggestions. I use that information to help guide us in our discussion and create a breakthrough experience for you. 

How does it work?

The whole process is actually quite easy… and fun! I tailor career counseling to your specific needs.

What to expect from career counseling:

  • Administration and scoring of pre-tests

  • One 90 minute session to review results, discuss goals and create a plan

  • A career interest booklet to complete after our first session

  • One 30 minute follow up phone call to review any questions and discuss progress

I provide you with some questionnaires to complete before our first appointment. I look over your results and then we discuss these during the very first session. We’ll also go through your goals, struggles at your current and previous jobs, and then identify a way for you to move forward.

So you can be happier. So you no longer feel lost and frustrated. So you know exactly what to do next to reach your goals.

We can also schedule follow up sessions as needed to help you implement your plan or dive further into your results. It all depends on what you need and we can be flexible.

If you still have questions about whether or not this is the right fit for you, schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation to go over any questions or concerns.

Let’s get you feeling good about what you do each day.