Become a Boss in a Weekend

Do you need management training, like, yesterday?


You’re busy and you have a lot of things going on so I know you need this leadership information ASAP! That’s why I offer the same information and topics covered in my 12 week leadership coaching program but in a condensed timeframe.

We can do it ALL in just two days.

Just like in the longer program, we’ll review the core areas of importance for every leader and manager:

  • Your personality and influence

  • Core leadership qualities

  • Creating a company culture

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Your personality and influence

Right away we'll identify your leadership style and then your leadership mission. No, this isn't cheesy or woo woo stuff. This is practical ways for you to improve communication and team building, in line with your big picture goals for your business..

Core leadership qualities

Then we'll move into more day to day operations, such as time management, personal development and professional development for yourself and your team. Our goal here is to identify ways you'll be comfortable with the daily tasks needed for sustained success as a motivational leader.

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Creating your company culture

This is where we dive into a lot of fun research about work environments and combine proven strategies with your long-term business goals. By the end of this weekend you'll be prepared to address conflict, provide feedback, and motivate employees all in a way that is aligned with your mission. 

The Weekend in a Nutshell

While I do make sure we review all three areas, you’ll complete an assessment ahead of time so that we can focus on the areas in which you need the most support.

Already have great job descriptions and feel good about managing your email? Sweet, then we can skip that part.

Did you just get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when I mentioned managing email or writing job descriptions? Sweet, then we can make those some goals to accomplish!

Ready to schedule your weekend? Let's do it!

Boss in a Weekend is a good option for you if:

>> You’re about to hire your first employee/team member and want to prepare ahead of time.

>> You already have a team or employee(s) and have 1-2 specific areas of leadership in which you’d like to improve.

>> You have 2-3 big tasks to accomplish and want some accountability and support to get them done by a deadline.


Boss in a Weekend is NOT a good option for you if:

>> You’re drowning in work and looking for a quick fix.

Although we can easily cover this information over two days, you are likely to leave with a good amount of homework. I do offer two weeks of follow up but if the thought of additional work is freaking you out, I recommend pacing yourself with the 12 week program instead.

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