5 Ways to Infuse Happiness into Your Work Day

We all have those bad days at work… days when we wake up late only to discover there is a major accident causing traffic on our way to work, the boss was there waiting to discuss something important right away and then we find out someone else called in sick and we need to cover their workload.

Not. Fun.

Sometimes it feels like these days happen multiple times in a row and you’re stuck in a perpetual negative work rut. 

However, there are some quick ways you can infuse a little happiness into your work day.

These are nice and easy things that multiple studies have shown to improve your mood. And you can do them discreetly on your lunch break, before walking in to work, or any time during the day.

1. Try a journaling exercise.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be long! However, identifying things about which you are thankful is proven to increase happiness.

A short investment in time and money is The Five Minute Journal, which encourages you to write out three things you are thankful for each day. It also encourages you to identify daily goals and an affirmation, then check in for five minutes at the end of your day. Five minutes at the beginning and five minutes at the end of your day. Now that’s doable.

2. Download an app to help you appreciate the positive things.

Not into writing? No problem!

You can download an app like Happify which asks you a series of questions to learn about what may be causing you stress and then assigns you daily activities based on the recommended “track” to address your answers.

Or you can purchase the Five Minute Journal app and add pictures about the things you’re thankful for, or take notes directly on your phone. You could even do your own challenge by setting a reminder on your phone to draw or take a picture of something you’re thankful for each day.

3. Write a thank you letter to a mentor, friend, family member, etc.

This video below shows just how impactful this task can be… and the more unhappy you’re feeling, the more likely it is this will boost your mood!

4. Set reminders with affirmations.

Do a google search of things like “positive affirmations for managers” or “positive affirmations for work” and then write down those quotes in your phone as a reminder to go off every 1-2 weeks.

If you keep about 10 of these in your phone, set at different times, you’ll get a nice little reminder to stay positive or appreciate something throughout your work week.

5. Phone a friend.

As the Soul Pancake video shows, people’s moods were obviously lifted when talking to the people for whom they were thankful. Think of a friend or family member who is usually positive or provides an empathic ear and give them a call to say hello. It’s likely they’ll appreciate hearing from you and both of your moods will get a little lift!

If morale at work is poor, you can even share some of these tips and try to get your colleagues working on their happiness. It’s likely that you’re all influencing one another, so do your best to make a positive contribution. 

And if you’re still feeling stressed out after trying one or two of these strategies, feel free to check out my Strategy Sessions.

Make sure you’re in control of your actions and emotions and creating positive things for your life. After all, you didn't start a business to be more stressed out than in a regular job!