Think you might have ADHD?

Let's find out! 

If you're an adult who struggles with time management, organization, procrastination and feel as though you're not meeting your potential, we can identify what is contributing to this and then figure out a plan for you to move forward

Read more about the potential signs of ADHD here

If you think you might have ADHD and would like an answer based on a professional evaluation, the process is quite simple and easy to begin.

Each ADHD evaluation is completed in one 90 minute session and includes:

  • Detailed assessment of social and educational history
  • Administration and scoring of psychological tests
  • Feedback on strategies to implement based upon scores
  • A 30 minute follow up session via phone to discuss any pending questions

Once your evaluation is complete you'll have more information about potential barriers to your success, relative strengths and strategies to adjust things at work or home to help immediately improve your frustrations. 

I will also provide you with applicable resources so you can learn more about how to maximize your strengths and discover what other things may help, whether or not you have an official diagnosis of ADHD.

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