-People don't leave jobs, they leave managers.-.png

Yikes, that’s a quote that hits you in the gut, huh?!

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are also a leader for your team.

And guess what? That role doesn’t come naturally to the majority of people.

It takes training. It takes time. And it takes support.

My role is to provide you with all three of those things you need to be successful.


I’m Maelisa Hall, a licensed psychologist, former corporate director, and avid entrepreneur.

Maelisa Hall, Psy.D. License #25295

My goal is to help you embrace your leadership role with confidence and excitement. I’ve worked in a variety of settings and have sought out my own training in management and business strategy. And since I’m a licensed psychologist, yes, I’ve got plenty of training in human behavior, too!

I’m also an ENFP, which means that when I do anything I like to make it fun and enjoyable. Trust me, this is not a boring corporate meeting focused on hierarchical structures or management principles from the 1980’s. I probably won’t even be wearing a suit.

Our work together will be focused on your business and what type of leadership is needed for your setting.

For example, I’ve had experience managing remote teams and understand this can present a unique challenge while also providing you the best possible talent for your industry/needs.

No two leaders are the same and no two businesses are the same.

So you can rely on me to identify the principles and tools that will serve you and your business the most. And we’ll probably laugh a bit, too, because otherwise, what’s the point of it all?!

Ready to dive in and see a change in your business, your stress level and your time management?


I’ve got three ways to work with me:

If you're not sure what is the best fit, I recommend booking an initial Strategy Session so we can dive in and take things from there!


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