1-1 Leadership Coaching Program

The management training you never received


Let’s combine the best of motivation and management research with modern business strategy to create a coaching experience that will help you become the leader your team is excited to follow.

We’ll spend 12 weeks diving into three of the essential areas every boss needs to know like the back of their own hand:

  • Your personality and influence

  • Core leadership qualities

  • Creating your company culture

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Your personality and influence

In the first few weeks we'll identify your leadership style and then your leadership mission. No, this isn't cheesy or woo woo stuff. This is practical ways for you to improve communication and team building, in line with your big picture goals for your business.


Core leadership qualities

Then we'll move into more day to day operations, such as time management, personal development and professional development for yourself and your team. Our goal during this timeframe is to get you comfortable with the daily tasks needed for sustained success as a motivational leader.

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Creating your company culture

This is where we dive into a lot of fun research about work environments and combine proven strategies with your long-term business goals. By the end of your coaching program you'll be prepared to address conflict, provide feedback, and motivate employees all in a way that is aligned with your mission. 

Let's get started!


Want more specifics? You got it!

While each coaching program is tailored to your individual needs, here are some common topics we might discuss in coaching sessions...


Identifying your management style

Once you know how you naturally work, interact with others, you can identify how to adapt your style to various types of employees. You’ll also learn the difference between when you should adapt and your employees should adapt.


Identifying the common pitfalls of poor managers

If we all know that micromanagers get a bad rap, how come so many of us easily fall into this style when starting out? There are common situations that lead to a few specific pitfalls in the world of management, but with some knowledge ahead of time you’ll be able to avoid these.


Recognizing the signs of a great potential employee

One of the greatest experiences is managing an excellent team. And one of the worst experiences is terminating an employee. There are no guarantees when hiring a new employee, but there are definitely signs to look for during the hiring process. Learn how to avoid common bias and use the interview process as an invaluable tool in determining a potential hire’s fit for your team.


Handling difficult conversations with ease

It can be emotionally draining to be a manager and sometimes it feels as though there is constant conflict and complaining. Identify communication strategies that can turn difficult conversations into meaningful interactions with employees.


Managing your time (and your inbox)

One of the most overwhelming tasks for every manager is dealing with emails! Learn how to prioritize your tasks and communicate effectively with your team, without needing to be on call 24/7.


Giving productive feedback to your staff

Performance reviews are vital for things like raises and performance improvement plans. However, most training related to performance reviews of employees is related to things like scoring systems or completing forms. Learn how to give your employees feedback regularly and make that feedback helpful for their career and your work together.


Managing your own frustrations and expectations

One of the most difficult things about being a supervisor is separating your emotions from your work. There may be times when employees frustrate or disappoint you, or you may even have an employee or two you don’t like (don’t worry, I won’t tell!). You’re human so this will happen, but if you have a plan for how to handle these scenarios you’ll be much more confident when they arise.


Creating a positive workplace culture

Having a great company culture is about more than providing food or coffee. It requires constant effort and evaluation by management. Learn what research says contributes to a great workplace, and how the type of work you do can dramatically impact this.


Developing a plan for your own professional growth

Do you want to manage dozens or hundreds of employees? Open your own business or work your way up to CEO within an established company? Once you start to move up it can become very easy to get “stuck in the weeds” and stall out your prior skills. It also becomes more difficult to find time for learning new skills. Identify your career path and create a realistic plan to meet your goals 5, 10 and 20 years from now.

Becoming a leader isn't easy.

Managers and CEO's in corporations spend years moving up the ranks, learning the ropes and attending trainings. That is time well spent so they are prepared for the difficult task of managing a business and employees.

However, you don't have that kind of time. And guess what? That's okay.

By the end of our 12 weeks together, you'll have the insight and the skills you were never able to develop before running your own business. And you'll have a realistic plan to keep you moving forward on your awesome new boss path. 

So invest in yourself and your business in a profound way.

Use the scheduler below to join the 1-1 Leadership Coaching Program and become the leader your employees want to follow on the path to success.